Enhance Penis Sensitivity the All Natural Way with ALCAR

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It’s a simple – and unfortunate – fact of life that as a natural effect of aging, various parts of the body stop responding the way they used to.  A guy may find himself needing reading glasses after years of perfect vision, or having to go to the gym three times a week to keep those love handles off when just a few short years ago he could eat anything he wanted to and not gain a pound.  Perhaps the worst realization a man can have is that his twig and berries aren’t working the way they once did, and they are no longer as responsive or sensitive as they used to be.  Though it may seem like a problem that is exclusive to older men, it can (and does) occur in men even in their early 20s, so it is imperative for men of all ages to engage in proper penis care to minimize its detrimental effects.

Why Men Lose Penis Sensation

Though it certainly happens gradually — so much so that it may initially go unnoticed — the everyday wear and tear on the manhood can add up to a real problem in the sensitivity department. This decreased sensitivity, of course, can mean less enjoyment in the bedroom; and in severe cases, it may even lead to performance issues.  After all, if a guy has reduced sensation, it is more difficult for him to achieve and maintain that rock hard erection that he needs to keep things going between the sheets.  During the course of a typical day, the penis spends its time rubbing up against rough fabrics such as the fiber of his boxers, briefs, jeans, khakis etc.  This continuous friction can create the equivalent to a callous on the penis. Though this is much thinner and less noticeable than, say, a callous on a man’s finger, the idea is the same; as the skin gets roughed up, it becomes less sensitive to the touch.  Additionally, the penis comes into a great deal more friction when it is called to duty.  Particularly rough, aggressive, or frequent sex and masturbation also takes a toll on the penis and creates damage that goes more than skin deep.  This aggressive play can damage the penile tissue on a cellular level and even cause peripheral nerve damage, which adds to the decreased sensitivity.

What can be done to protect the penis?

Well, besides wearing no clothing – which may be appealing for some men – and reducing masturbation and sex activity – which is appealing to no men – there are a few simple changes a man can do to reverse and stop further damage to the sensitivity of his manhood.  Wearing supportive – but not too tight – briefs or boxer briefs helps keep the penis in place and reduces chafing and rubbing, compared to men who wear boxers or nothing at all.  Changing out of clothes that become damp further reduces unpleasant friction on the area – so ditch those sweaty sweats right away after a workout, rather than relaxing before the shower, and change from the bathing suit right after swimming – as the friction from damp clothes causes irritation more quickly. Finally, using a product containing Acetyl L Carnitine, or ALCAR, can help restore and protect the health of the penis.

Acetyl L Carnitine for penis health

Though most men have never heard of ALCAR, it has incredible penis properties which help improve and preserve penis sensation.  Whether this is a new problem, or a man has been struggling with it for decades, ALCAR, which is a naturally-occurring nutrient, can help repair damaged nerve cells and even generate new, healthy nerve cells.

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