Small Penis 101: How to Please a Partner

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There’s a great deal of emphasis placed on penis size. Although many already know that penis size doesn’t play an outsized role in a partner’s sexual satisfaction, men tend to believe that if they do not possess a big tool, then they just aren’t up to the job. The fact is that a man with a small penis has to learn how to work with what he’s got in order to give his partner what he or she needs.

Using the Small Penis to Great Advantage

Proper penis care, no matter the penis size, can help ensure that a guy is ready and raring to go. But there are some other points to ponder, too. Take a look:

1) Get on board with foreplay. It doesn’t matter what penis size a man has. What he does with it matters. But in addition, a man should never forget he also has hands and a tongue that can work wonders for a partner, when employed correctly and generously. Warming up a partner can help ensure satisfaction for everyone, especially if a guy takes his time and ensures that the object of his affection is turned on enough to beg for what comes next. Taking the time to understand what a partner wants can go a long way.

2) Never rush into it. Remember that there is another organ to focus on, and that’s the brain. Before getting to the body, make a point of getting into a partner’s head. Talking to them about what they like in bed is a great start. Whispering into a partner’s ear, complimenting them, using words to get them feeling hot, and always keeping the lines of communication open – even as the foreplay begins – can be a great way to get someone revved up before the clothes come off.

3) Kiss and touch. And this isn’t just about the hidden bits. A simple kiss that lasts for a very long time, a caress along the shoulder or the knee, a touch that brings goosebumps and a giggle – those are the kind of things that a partner will remember long after the encounter is over. So get those hands busy and let that mouth do more than talk!

4) Speaking of mouths… Oral pleasure is a must for a man who has a small penis. Giving pleasure to someone without using the penis can make for intense fun long before anything else happens. Don’t hesitate to ask a partner what he or she prefers, and let them guide throughout the fun. Learn through reading about it, watching adult videos, experiencing it, and practicing like crazy on a willing and eager partner.

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5) Assume the position. Some positions work much better for men of a small penis size. For instance, missionary is usually not the best for deeper strokes, but doggie style certainly can be. Other positions that work might include a partner on her back, legs bent at the knees and held up, or a woman-on-top position.

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