Penile Care through Better Nutrition – One Top Ingredient for Improved Penis Health

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Most penis health crèmes contain a wide range of ingredients that can keep the male tissue looking, smelling and feeling great, but not all of these formulas are created equal when it comes to sustaining better penis health. Products that contain targeted nutrients designed to promote better function – not just a more pleasant appearance – are much more likely to have lasting and meaningful results. One such nutrient – acetyl L carnitine (or ALCAR) plays an especially important role in daily penis care. For those who are not aware of the penis-specific benefits of ALCAR, here they are in layman’s terms.

Protection When it Counts

The penis is put to a variety of different uses throughout the day, transporting fluids out of the bladder and creating an alluring profile in the trousers, but as far as most men are concerned, it is really made to do just one thing: deliver pleasure during a sexual encounter. Unfortunately, the moments that deliver pleasure can also lead to microscopic tissue damage that can have long-term effects on performance if it is not dealt with properly.

Even a tender, loving episode of sex includes a significant amount of pushing, pulling and friction. The resulting sensations might be amazing, but the tissues involved in the process can be more than a little traumatized. Acetyl L carnitine helps to protect the lining of the nerves when the strain of sex is happening. The chemistry can be complicated, and it involves a number of really long words like “neurotransmitter” and “myelin sheath,” but in essence, acetyl L carnitine has the ability to keep nerve cells lined with the fats they need, so they don’t touch one another and/or burn out. When the action of sex is fast and furious, the protection provided by ALCAR can be especially vital.

Why Does it Matter?

It’s one thing to read about how a nutrient like this might work, but it’s another thing entirely to understand what might happen to people who simply don’t get enough of this vital element. For some men, this could lead to nothing less than catastrophe. Consider this: Without a proper amount of acetyl L carnitine, the body might find it hard to repair nerve cells after a sexual episode. A man might not know that damage has taken place, as his nerve cells are incapable of delivering signals of acute pain, but when he hops back into bed again, he might find that he just can’t feel all of the pleasure he once did. It’s as though he’s been numbed, just a little bit, and that could lead to even more damaging sex as he works to compensate for the loss of sensation.

Penis sensitivity deficiencies lead men to take big risks during sex, such as:

– Skipping the lube

– Tearing off the condom

– Trying new and kinky positions

– Thrusting for long periods of time

Adding it In

While ALCAR can be obtained through the diet, as well as certain oral supplements, the digestive system does not always deliver important nutrients like this to the penile tissue, as other organ systems may take precedence in this process.

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