In Defense of a Small Penis

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No offense intended to men with a really big penis, but such guys are outliers. Yes, in porn films and erotic fiction, they get the lion’s share of attention, such that audiences are led to believe that if the mere sight of a guy’s penis doesn’t reduce his partner to convulsions then there’s something wrong with it. Of course, the fact is that most men have an average-sized penis, not a monster, and that as long as that member is in good health, it usually satisfies its partner equally as well as one of its much larger brethren. And on the other end of the spectrum, one finds the much maligned small penis – and it’s time someone came to the defense of the small penis group.

What is a small penis?

It helps if one can define just what a small penis is, of course, and here there can be a bit of trouble. There are really 2 definitions for a small penis, a subjective one and an objective one.

The subjective definition could go something along these lines: A small penis is any male member which, in the eyes of its beholder (whether that beholder is the owner of said member or an observer of said member), is not as large as they wish it to be. Under this definition, a penis that is 9 inches long could conceivably be considered a small penis, if someone held truly unreasonable and unrealistic expectations.

Much more useful is the objective definition. Approximately 90 percent of men have an erect penis that is between 4 and 6 inches in length, so a small penis is generally considered one that measures less than 4 inches when erect. (That covers approximately 5 percent of all men.)

The defense

The small penis gets slammed constantly in pop culture, and rather unfairly. Although there can be disadvantages, especially to a truly tiny penis, there’s a lot to be said in defense of a small penis and its owner.

– Good for oral sex. Sure, viewers of porn like to see an especially big member being serviced orally, but in real life most women prefer something of a humbler size. A more modest manhood doesn’t cause choking and gagging, allowing the person consuming it to spend more time on it – and to do so with more pleasure rather than anxiety.

– More surprises. A partner who believes that only big penises deliver the goods is likely to be surprised at how much pleasure can be derived from a small penis.

– More caring. And that’s often because a man with a small penis feels he needs to work harder to provide pleasure for his partner. He therefore may be more caring and attentive to his partner’s needs, indulging in longer and/or more creative foreplay, for example, and paying attention to a variety of erogenous zones rather than concentrating solely on the vagina.

– Less embarrassment. Although a guy with a big penis may like to show off his equipment, they are prone to having very obvious boners at inopportune times. Guys with a small penis know that if they pop one during a business presentation, it won’t be as noticeable.

– Adventurous. Although this is by no means universal, many men with a small penis tend to be more willing to try new things in bed – positions, toys, et cetera – in order to find ways that their size can be used advantageously in bed.

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