Sex Tips: Accepting Your Foot Fetish

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No matter how many similarities he may share with another person, every person is unique, and it is that variety that adds spice to life in many instances. But sometimes a person isn’t comfortable with every single one of the things that add up to make him unique. It may be a physical attribute or a personality quirk or any one of many other things – including a sexual proclivity that might be considered outside the norm. For example, a man might have a foot fetish and experience negative feelings about this – despite the fact that a foot fetish is a rather common occurrence. (One source indicates that as many as 14% of people have a sexual fascination with feet.) Although there are many sex tips about the foot fetish, many men need help accepting this part of their life. Fortunately, a foot fetish has minimal risks where penis health is concerned – but that doesn’t necessarily make acceptance easier.

Sex tips to help accept it

The first step to acceptance of this part of one’s life concerns understanding one’s foot fetish. There is no more shame in being sexually attracted to feet than there is in being aroused by breasts, the vagina, the buttocks, the eyes, the nose, or any other body part. No person chooses what components stimulate and excite them, so the fact that a man is turned on by feet is something over which he has no control.

Exactly why some people develop a foot fetish is not always easy to ascertain. There may be many different elements that can account for this interest, but in general there seems to have been one or more “crucial” moments in a person’s development in which a foot or feet – their own or, more often, someone else’s – played an important role. This may have been overtly sexual – perhaps having one’s penis touched by a foot – or it may have been more covertly sexual, such as chancing upon a woman luxuriously and sensually rubbing her foot. And in some instances, the erotic content of the moment may not be obvious.

Share it

Acceptance of a foot fetish requires sharing it. For some, this may mean sharing it with a loving partner, which is ideal. Others may need to take some steps before reaching this stage. Seeking assistance from a mental health or a sexual health professional may be of benefit. This enables a man to speak about his feelings, desires, inclinations, and/or actions in a setting that is non-judgmental and intended to help a man gain comfort talking about – and eventually acting upon – his interests.

Often, men also find that communicating with other likeminded individuals can be helpful. They may seek out a community of foot fetishists (or perhaps specifically of male foot fetishists) so that they can more freely discuss what the fetish means to them and the importance it plays in their fantasies – or in their actual sex lives, in some cases.

Ultimately, a man wants to be able to share his foot fetish with his partner. If there is doubt about her ability to receive this information in an accepting manner, he may wish to involve a mental health or sexual health professional to act as an intermediary. Hopefully, the partner will realize that this foot fetish is simply a part of her partner and that it does not change who he fundamentally is. Ideally, the couple can then incorporate foot play into their sex lives.

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