Penis Rash Spotlight: Sweat Rash 101

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While a penis rash can happen at any time, they tend to pop up more as the temperature rises. Sweat rash in particular becomes more prevalent at this time. It’s hot, uncomfortable, and sometimes the bumps it presents with can get red, itchy, irritated, and even infected. Let’s take a minute or two to talk about sweat rash, how it shows up, the DIY way to treat it, and steps men can take to keep this penis rash at bay and away.

Sweat Rash: 3 Types to Know

Sweat rash is very commonly known as heat rash. Sweat rash occurs when the skin’s sweat glands get clogged because the sweat can’t make it to the skin’s surface to evaporate. This then leads to irritation and inflammation, which manifests the sweat rash. Symptoms of sweat rash include itchiness, a stinging sensation, and small raised red bumps on the site of the rash.

There are three different kinds of sweat rash:

– Miliaria rubra – Most people refer to this kind of sweat rash as “prickly heat.” Symptoms include inflammation and red bumps. If it advances, those bumps can fill with pus, and then it is upgraded to miliaria pustulose. This kind of penis rash occurs in the deep layers of the dermis, making it the most painful of all the types.

– Miliaria crystalline – The most common sweat rash, miliaria crystalline shows up as white bumps filled with fluid. This fluid is actually sweat, not pus as some people may think initially. This type of penis rash is not itchy or painful.

– Miliaria profunda – Occurring in the deepest layers of the skin,miliaria profunda manifests as large, rough, flesh-colored bumps. This type of sweat rash can be chronic, though it is very rare.

Sweat Rash: Risk Factors

Some men are more prone to sweat rash than others. Here are some conditions that can make sweat rash a more likely occurrence:

– Men who live in a hot, humid climate.

– Men who are obese.

– Men who exercise (and don’t shower immediately after).

– Men on bed rest.

– Men who have lax hygiene and don’t clean the area often.

– Men who take medications that raise body temperature.

If a man experiences chronic sweat rash, he should consult his doctor for ways to decrease occurrences of this penis rash.

Sweat Rash: Treatment

Sweat rashes can be treated easily at home and rarely require a visit to the doctor. Here’s a DIY treatment plan for penis rashes in general and sweat rash in particular.

1) Immediately remove stop any unnecessary touching at the site of the rash. This means not only touching with body parts but also going commando as much as is reasonable for lifestyle. Wearing bottoms that are very loose and made of light, soft fabric is best. Whenever possible, do the Donald Duck and eschew bottoms altogether.

2) Very carefully cleanse the penis or genital area with lukewarm water and a very mild cleanser. Hot or cold water can further irritate the skin and dry it out, making the penis rash worse.

3) Rinse thoroughly.

4) Air dry.

5) Once dry, use a cool compress to reduce the discomfort and “pull the heat” out of the sweat rash. The easiest way to do this is to submerge a washcloth in cool water, wring it out, and then place it on the affected area. Repeat until relief sets in.

See a doctor immediately if the sweat rash gets worse or spreads.

Sweat Rash: Prevention

Sweat rash on the penis can be easily avoided with a few easy, logical tips. First, keep the penis and genital area clean and dry. Some people choose to use a powder like Gold Bond to help keep the area dry. Shower immediately after exercise or any sweat-inducing activity. Also, let the penis air dry as often as possible. Some men also like to use a cooling powder in the area to draw the skin away from the skin.

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